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A Sad Story about a Horse

Hi my name is Nora and I’m 7 years old.

Today I went to a place named Tina Jo’s promise to see a horse named Jem.

But they were in the middle of a rescue! When I saw the rescue horse I realized how cruel people can be to such amazing animals.

The case of the horse is, there was 20 pounds of sand in it’s intestines! The horse was so hungry because it’s owner hadn’t fed it in a long time. The horse tried to eat the dry plants on the beach and ate all the sand around them with it!

When I saw the horse I was very sangry (sad and angry) because of how mean people can be to such amazing creatures. But I’m glad that Tina Jo’s promise was there to help the horse when it needed it.

If you would like to help Tina jo rescue horses, go to her website and donate!

Thank You for reading.

Love, Nora

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