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From Tragedy to Clarity

Richardo R.

Richardo with his "adopted mom" Elizabeth

Richardo arrived at the orphanage 11 years ago when he was only 10 years old. When I sit and chat with him now, I see him as kind, relaxed and laid back. He can be serious, but what strikes me is his wonderful sense of humor. It’s hard to imagine that he came to the orphanage a very angry little boy.

Hurts from his past often caused him to be obstinate and argumentative. He frequently fought with his siblings as well as those in authority over him.

But now at 20 years old, he has mellowed, found peace and a sense of purpose. He has many friends and has been blessed by several mentors that have come along side of him over the years. I often see him asking for advice and sharing his struggles and triumphs with one of his “mothers,” Laura. She loves him dearly and has nothing but good things to say about him.

Richardo with his good friend and mentor, Laura

Richardo expressed great gratitude for the people that have helped him along the way.

He is especially grateful for his relationship with Erika and Arturo (featured in last month's blog) the former assistant directors of the orphanage he is living in. He stated that there was a very bad time for him, and he almost got kicked out of the orphanage, but they believed in him and did not give up on him.

Richardo is a very hard worker. Tenacious and single minded in his goals. He is someone that takes his dreams seriously and will not give up until he has accomplished them.

In the beginning Richardo wasn't quite sure what he was meant to do in life, but several years ago he was in a terrible accident and was hit by a car. When the paramedics rushed to his aid and saved his life, he knew right then and there what he was meant to do. He is currently close to completing his first course to become a paramedic. He has roughly 2 years of study left to complete all the courses that will advance him in his career.

Richardo- bottom row, far left.

I can imagine that pursuing his dreams has been quite challenging at times for Richardo. But knowing his nature of passion and fortitude, I can say with confidence that he WILL accomplish his dreams.

Muchos exitos Richardo! If I ever find myself in need of a paramedic, I hope to find you have come to my aid!

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