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Movin' on Up!

To be a missionary its important to have grit. Grit is such a great word. It means to to have determination, hardiness, resolve, fortitude, tenacity, endurance... all the things needed to be unwavering when challenges come. Most missionaries in history have gone through challenges that make our challenges look like like a walk in the park, but the point is, missionaries need a certain mindset to live and serve in the field.

I remember the moment clearly over 4 years ago when we said goodbye to our life in Michigan. It was all we ever knew, and it was a great life. We had worked to have a beautiful home and property and had everything "just so".

Standing in our large farm house surrounded by our dream life, we tearfully said goodbye, and in faith we said yes to whatever the Lord had for us in the future.

The last 4 years have brought us such adventure.

We've added another son to the family.

We've settled in to a ministry within our own home caring full-time for this perfect and precious medically fragile child.

We've been able to play an important role in a highly effective and impactful non-profit that serves 6 different orphanages in our town. We are able to help impact over 160 children in this way.

Its really incredible to think of what the Lord has done.

During this time we have tried our best to seek first the kingdom. With this as our main goal, our family has grown a lot in faith and in "grit" One major challenge we've had since moving here is housing. We first lived in a 40 foot school bus and now we live in a studio apartment with living space up a flight of stairs.

For a family of 6, this has stretched us. Especially as the children are getting older and desiring more autonomy. Not to mention that Jose is 60 lbs and getting quite difficult to lift and move.

But as of yesterday we are not only owners of a new home, but we have signed the land contract on our new lot! We get possession of our 1,400 square foot double wide trailer on the 22nd of August! Our church in California will help us with some repairs and new paint before it moves and we hope to have it down to us by late September!!!

The lot we chose is incredible. It is about 6 minutes past our current home and sits up on a ridge that overlooks Ensenada Bay to the front of the lot and the open ocean off the back. We plan on putting the home right in the middle and having the best of both views. We wont own the land but as Americans, being able to affordably lease a property like this in a foreign country, is a huge blessing.

I spoke to our neighbor the other day and she said that wild life is abundant where we are. Rabbits, coyotes, and mountain lions roam around at night and the wee hours of the morning. And from our deck we will be able to watch whales and dolphins playing. Coming from acreage in beautiful Northern Michigan to a shoe box in a subdivision, this will be a dream come true for us. Especially the kids. We are so thankful that we've had a home here. However small.. But a little wiggle room will mean the world to us.

What does the Lord have for us now that we will have room to grow? I can tell you that ideas are brewing and we are praying on a lot of things. But that's another post. Whatever our future holds, I know that it will be good and that the Kingdom will always be first in our hearts. This new home and our very lives are always His. We are here to enjoy the ride!

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