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When The Hurting Find A Home

When my family and I moved here 2 years ago to the Kid's Kingdom, we just missed meeting a little boy named Chuy by about one week. There had been problems with custody with the biological family as well as some behavior issues that made it so Chuy had to leave just days before we arrived.

I hadn't heard much about him except that he was a very angry boy and had lashed out violently many times at school, as well as in the home. Fast forward 2 years, some friends and directors of Youth With a Vision Orphanage near Rosarito discovered that he had been living on the streets for some time. The streets are a harsh place for anyone, especially a child. I don't want to imagine what he must have gone through. Thankfully Erika and her husband Arturo were able to take him in. According to Erika, it was not an easy road the first few months. He was angry. And understandably so. This affected his relationships at school as well as at home, and certainly took it's toll on his academic studies.

Slowly things began to turn around for Chuy. He started getting better grades at school. He started relaxing at home and allowing the love of his new family seep into his heart.

Now as I visit, I see him as a child completely different than what was first described to me.

He has a great smile. He seems lighthearted and affectionate. He has a healthy glow that speaks of a nutritious diet that is given out in family sized portions around a family sized table.

I have been working with orphanages for 2 years now, and before that we were foster parents back in Michigan for 5. You'd think I'd get used to seeing miracles happen when love is introduced and consistently applied.

I don't. It's like a new gift at Christmas each and every time I see it.

There are so many great things happening here in Mexico that I am proud to be a part of.

What makes me the most proud though, is being a part of ministry that is personal. A ministry that takes a face in a crowd and makes it a person. A life. A son, and a daughter. I am proud of Erika, Arturo and Youth with a vision for the work they do with kids in need and I am privileged to write about them in my simple little blog. I pray that it inspires and enlightens those who read it.

If Chuy's story touches your heart, he is in need of a sponsor that would come along side him to help him succeed as the years go by. Maybe you feel led to help us sock away money for college, or help him with the cost of daily living and schooling now? Every penny contributed helps because I can tell you that Youth with a vision as well as all the orphanages here live by faith every day.

They have to trust every month that the needs of the children will be met. Erika and Arturo have never had a salary for their family. They simply work to bless the children and the home. It's easy to give and I promise that your gifts will be used with integrity and purpose. You can contact me here on my website or go to to donate. And when you donate, know that it's not a donation towards a "fund" its a donation towards a LIFE.

Chuy's life.

God bless you. Thank you for reading!

Chuy in his uniform for school.

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