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Giving Jose a Voice

I love how the kids are always aware of José and want to include him in our lives.

Lucas with his big bro.

We talk to Jose all day long. We ask him questions, share our thoughts, complaints and praises. The other 3 kids are so cute. When they think he should be responding they will randomly respond for him from wherever they are in the house. In the cutest high pitch baby voice. (Even though he’s the oldest! Ha!) They answer home school questions for him, voice his complaints, (“mom I think you need to get off Facebook now and change my stinky diaper “ ) or in general talk for him according to what they think he’s thinking. I love it. Just now I randomly said “hi José “ as he was getting his tube feed. Nora looks up from her book and says “hi mom “ for him. So simple. So sweet. Some day I’ll hear what his voice really sounds like, but until then, I’m glad he has his siblings to be his voice for him.

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