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From Orphan To Mentor.

Ramiro S. 18 years old

Ramiro came to the Kid’s kingdom Orphanage 8 years ago when he and his 6 siblings were left without a parent to care for them. When Ramiro first arrived at the Kid’s Kingdom, he was very shy, quiet, and withdrawn. Clearly children that come to live at an orphanage, arrive due to unfortunate circumstances. Such was the case for Ramiro and his siblings.

Nevertheless, as the years went by, the security and love offered at the kid’s kingdom began to bring peace and healing to Ramiro. Today he is an outgoing, kind, hardworking, confident young man. I know him to be especially kind and gifted with the younger children living at the orphanage. He is patient and gentle with them. When I asked for a testimony of his personality and character from his dorm mom, she said with a smile, “He will accomplish any goal he sets out to do. Also, he will make a wonderful husband and father someday”

Whats more, I taught ESL for the children at the orphanage for a while, and he was an eager helper in many of my classes.

Ramiro is a gifted and talented in all kinds of sports. He is passionate about playing sports, but also loves to teach others to play and inspire them to be hardworking and value good sportsmanship. As a career, he wants to study to be a physical education teacher. In my opinion, this is the perfect career for him. I have watched him hold soccer clinics at the orphanage many times and all the children just love to learn from him. He excels at teaching in an inspirational and motivational way that kids truly enjoy.

If Ramiro’s story inspires you, we are looking for sponsors to help him reach his goal of a college education. To inquire about sponsoring him or any other child featured, please contact us through our facebook page for more information

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