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Juan and Bere, You Are My Heroes!

Being a part of the Kid’s kingdom family has brought many blessings. Not the least of which is a deep friendship with these two.

Juan and Berenice are the dorm parents for over 20 boys at the Kid’s kingdom orphanage. Can you imagine parenting that many boys, day in and day out?? These two are amazing and serve tirelessly every single day.

When we first moved to Mexico we lived at the orphanage in our 40-foot school bus. During that time, we were privileged to get an inside look at how they live every day. Each day is round-the-clock as they attend to the needs of the 22 boys.

Juan Carlos is a gentle giant that can get those kids in line with just a look, yet has made it abundantly clear that he’d do anything for them, and they know it. He is strong, patient, kind and firm. The boys respect him. For these boys who lack a father figure and are short on good male role models, Juan Carlos is a true hero.

My friend Berenice is a precious sister and a true inspiration to me. She is a shining example of sacrificial love. I've watched her go out of her way, time and time again to keep the boy’s dorm running smoothly during the daylight hours and then go fill in at the girl’s dorm at night when they are short over there. No matter how much she is stretched and how much she is asked to give, she does it with grace and beauty. Her boys are blessed to have such an example of a strong women as their dorm mom, and I am blessed to call her friend.

Thank You Juan Carlos and Berenice. I pray that you know how valuable you are. How your service in the name of the Lord will have lasting impact for so many. How blessed we are to know you. I love you both so very much. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

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