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Meet Erika and Arturo

Meet Erika and Arturo!

Erika and Arturo are the directors and parents of an orphanage called Youth with a Vision. They have a heart to open their doors to children and teens that have either aged out of the system but lack the readiness to succeed on their own yet, or have failed out of other placements due to difficult behaviors. They know how deeply these children need the support and have committed their lives to advocacy and giving hope to children in need.

When I visit Youth with a Vision, I can’t help but marvel at how well Erika and Arturo work together as a couple and how skilled they are at reaching into the hearts of the children in their home. For example, one of their little boys named Chuy has had a very hard time adjusting to other placements as well as at school. He has a history of violence and other challenging behaviors. But as I observed him in the home, he seemed calm and at peace. He showed and received love and affection from his siblings as well as from Erika and Arturo. It warms my heart when a child can find a safe place to finally find healing. Thank You Erika and Arturo for sacrificing so much to bring restoration to the lives of so many. Your work is so vital and so very appreciated!

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