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Eleazar's Story

Eleazar came into care as a teenager in 2009 after he suddenly found himself caring for his 6 younger siblings alone. At that time, Eleazar had decided to consider his sibling's needs above his own and put his education on hold. He wanted to ensure his brothers and sisters stayed in school and had their needs met. This was a tough job for a young man of only 18 to do alone. During this time, a teacher in school saw how much he was struggling and recommended that he and his siblings come to live at the orphanage so that Eleazar could continue his schooling and the children would be well taken care of.

In the 8 years that Eleazar has lived at the Kid's Kingdom he has worked hard to be an example for his brothers and sisters. Against all odds he not only finished High school but also completed his college degree in computer engineering. He also continued to volunteer faithfully at the orphanage long after he had aged out. He even recently decided to come on board as a staff member!

Eleazar deeply desires to serve all the children at the orphanage, as well be a unifying force and inspiring voice for his family. He continues to this day, leading the way for his siblings by being kind, strong, hardworking, full of integrity and a wonderful example of someone who didn't give up when it was hard, but instead pressed on.

His relentless desire to succeed has paid off and he is now committed to making the way possible for others.

Eleazar’s life is an inspiration to many people. He is a man of great worth and value to the world. Not only for what he has done, but for who he is. He is a blessing to all who know him.

Eleazar's biggest dream is starting an organic garden project for the children at the Kid's kingdom with a bigger goal of expanding to other orphanages in the future.

His vision is to involve the children in the garden in every aspect. From composting, organic fertilizing, care for the plants and soil, planting crops, conserving water through proper irrigation, sustainability, all the way to harvesting, preserving and finally enjoying the nutritionally packed produce that the garden yields.

Teaching the children these very practical skills also empowers them to make and enjoy healthy food choices for their own lives and contributes to a healthier environment for Mexico.

How could someone help if they wanted to get involved and sponsor Eleazar? We would like to offer the opportunity to support Eleazar's garden project. You can inquire about it on this website as well as our ministry webpage to do so. Another practical need that Eleazar has is a vehicle. Having a car of his own would make going to work and doing life much easier for Eleazar. A car would empower him to support his siblings in their endeavors in and out of school as well. If you have a well maintained and running used vehicle that would be a blessing to Eleazar, you could donate it through our nonprofit Baja Love Outreach and receive a tax deduction for your gift.

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